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proposed strategy

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A Proposed Strategy to change the Image of Computing

  A proposed strategy.ppt


 This is a description of our internal strategy to change the public image of computing.  Several parallel efforts must


Define computing as a profession and a discipline. Build boundaries around the computing community to distinguish it for other industries who rely on computing. 


Personalize computing so teens can identify with it and belong to it. Inspire through personal stories, led by teen journalists and distributed through local media.


Empower influencers with the right conversation and relevant facts by offering computing talking points and names of advocates they can call upon.


Broaden allies in other fields to raise the social status of computing by sharing their personal stories of how computing has enabled them to do their jobs better.


Leverage highly respected opinion leaders to spread messages of computing opportunities - ppt and videos for their speaking engagments, panel sessions and blogs


Execute an interactive marketing campaign including fact sheets, ppt, placements in magazines, news articles and on-line, speaking engagements within the community, myth busting posters, personal profiles. 


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Anonymous said

at 10:50 am on Jun 10, 2007

Great ideas!

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