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Note: iCompute = is a both an internal project name and a public name for talking about issues around the image of computing in a way that involves a personal perspective.

Vision of the Project "iCompute":

By making it personal, we raise the social status of computing as a discipline and profession. People who perceive computing as valuable to society will now see computing as empowering in their lives. As people take back control of technology creation and usage, we can unleash it in ethical and beneficial ways to our advantage, discovering new ways of improving our education, our work, our lives and ourselves.

One caveat:  It’s not about the future of technology.   Instead, it’s about the impact of technology on society and culture in the future.  That’s what really drives the future anyway.  It’s how people use the stuff they have in new ways, and how they perceive value from it.  


There are a lot of great computing topics will inspire interest:


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