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misconceptions about computing

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 Misconceptions about Computing Today


  • Media - causing negative buzz to drive public fear, uncertainty and doubt
  • Teens - No idea what computing professionals do
  • Parents - Think all jobs have gone overseas due to off-shoring
  • Students - Curriculum is boring and too theory-based
  • Grads - There are no grand challenges left to solve
  • Recruiters - We really don't know what criteria we should use to guide towards computing roles
  • Counselors - We guide students away unless they have that unique exceptional skill and love for math
  • Teachers - We are focused on NCLB (No Child Left  Behind) testing
  • Dept. of Education - CS is not on the college-bound track, so is an elective course for students
  • Corporate America - We're frustrated to have thousands of jobs available and not enough talent available to fill them


Okay, so here is an interesting exercise!  Please join in! 


What if we have a NEW conversation?

If we could change the image of computing to be anything we wanted for these key groups of people,

then what would we have them say?  


Examples here for discussion.  Please click "Comment" in the toolbar above to share your ideas.


  • Media - We’re raising public concerns about the crisis in computing to  drive action from corporations, government and academia.
  • Teens - My generation will determine how technology is used to better the  world. In a way, we all belong to Computing and we are its future.
  • Parents- There are many, high paying, quality computing jobs here in the US.
  • Students - Having computing skills means I’m at a competitive advantage no  matter what career interests I pursue over my lifetime. 
  • Grads - Computer Scientists are inventing new technologies that will change  the way we live and work. Literally every major industry will  benefit from what I create
  • Recruiters - I’m now encouraging computing skills for every student. These skills  are transferable to any discipline and will be a competitive  advantage for them in the job market.
  • Counselors - I tell my students that whatever they pursue, a basic understanding  of how computing works, makes them more well-rounded. 
  • Teachers - Not every kid will love math and science as we teach it. I look for  other interests that may guide them into a variety of different  careers, every one of which, will require some level of computing  skills.
  • Dept. of Education - Computing is as fundamental to our American education as math  and science. It is important that every citizen have computing skills.
  • Corporate America - We are hiring more computing professionals that ever before.  The jobs being creating support a variety of important roles in the  creation, testing and application of technology for use in our  products and solutions.

What do you think are the top 3 misconceptions about computing?


  • Too many computing jobs are going offshore, so my chances of.
  • Computing jobs are boring and tedious, involving long hours of working alone in a cubicle writing programs
  • All the exciting jobs are in bio, computing is passe


Resource:  Posters and Myth-busting efforts at Georgia Tech:  Computing_MythBusters.pdf


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