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future vision of computing

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A Future Vision of Computing for Teens

We, the computing community, create what we think the future vision is as a guide book for teens and their influencers. This includes how computing will impact the lives of people from how they receive education, how they stay abreast of national events to how they move about in their daily lives.

The Future Vision of Computing consists of predictions by the computing community of what the future will be like, what jobs will be the hottest, which industries will rely the most on computing and value those skills, and so on.   Some guidelines below might be useful in creating this content. Perhaps we could use a theme of “top 3” and “best” to keep it simple and easy to understand. Questions will vary depending on which audience is being interviewed.

Possible content for Future Vision


3 hottest computing jobs in the future

3 top industries who will rely the most on computing

3 people impacted positively (personal stories)

3 groups of people enabled by computing

3 types of 21st century skills needed

3 emerging technologies and why they matter

3 biggest ethical issues

3 most concerning grand challenges

3 ways computing will impact your daily life

3 ways you wish computing would enable you to do your job better

3 most important people you would want to connect with through computing in the future

What can corporate American do in this effort? It involves predicting the top jobs of the future and defining the top industries. They can help dispel myths from the media, including offshoring of all IT jobs and emphasize publicly the essential 21st century skills needed to fill these top jobs, so people can train now to ensure they have a competitive advantage in the job market.

How do we get positive attention and ignite action? We must tell a new, more positive story about the value of computing in people’s lives and draw attention to personal stories tied to people’s core value systems. By leveraging the image task force and advisors, we will create a wiki to gather personal stories of people and groups of people impacted positively by computing. These stories will serve to personalize computing emphasizing emotional topics such as our civil rights, safe schools, preservation of natural resources, demand for entertainment, and desire for meaningful work.  Each of these stories will resonate with a different target audience, whether it is teens, parents, teachers, professors, recruiters or professionals in other industries.  As a key part of the Future Vision, the personal stories bring home the message that computing is about people, technology and society.

 Fill out the answers to the questions in the table here by clicking on Comments in the toolbar above.  We need your input!


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Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 19018


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